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Scientific publishing

Have you put your heart and soul into writing a dissertation, postdoctoral thesis or an anthology and would now like to publish it?

Affiliated to Nomos Publishers, Karl Alber possesses a wealth of experience and offers expert guidance that can enable you to do so.


After deciding whether to include your work in the publishing programme, we will submit an offer to you free of charge. Upon acceptance of the offer, we conclude the publishing contract.

High quality production

We create the typesetting based on the manuscript you submit. If, exceptionally, you would like to do the typesetting yourself, we will assist you with the formatting of your work. Your book will be produced using high-quality printing processes.

Marketing and sales

Your finished work will be professionally disseminated by us – with the entire portfolio of science marketing. In this way, your research results will be adequately perceived by the professional public.

Request an offer now

We look forward to getting to know you and your book

Please present your planned publication to us by stating the title, the subject area and the type of work (dissertation, habilitation, anthology, monograph) as well as its scope. Please use the following form for this purpose. We will be happy to provide you with a non-binding offer free of charge.

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