Major area: Contemporary philosophy

Major area

Our programme offers a forum for all systematically and historically relevant works that make a fundamental contribution to the current philosophical debate.

Edited by Christoph Halbig, Jörn Müller

This probably most famous and oldest series of publications in the Karl Alber publishing house offers systematic, but also historically based research contributions in the classical tradition of European philosophising.

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Alber Thesen
Edited by Verlag Karl Alber The series takes up current trends in international philosophical discourse and puts them up for discussion.

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Alber Philosophie
Edited by Verlag Karl Alber

A forum for contemporary philosophical thought in all its rich forms, open to all currents and questions and across national borders.
Fermenta philosophica
Published by Verlag Karl Alber

Philosophical studies and drafts that focus on the path character of thinking.

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Philosophie erzählt
Edited by Verlag Karl Alber

What happens when philosophy or its protagonists venture beyond the boundaries of their own discipline and explore other, sometimes new ways of conveying and presenting philosophical content and topics? As an innovation laboratory for thinking poetry and narrative philosophising, this series is intended to offer space for such border crossings and to bring together texts that are still unused, stylistically appealing and distinguished by their special vividness, their great entertainment value and a high degree of accuracy in terms of choice of topic and relevance to current events.

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Eichstätter philosophische Beiträge
Edited by Walter Schweidler, Markus Riedenauer

Pioneering monographs by German-speaking philosophers and translations of fundamental works from other languages appear in the Eichstätter philosophische Studien, dissertations and anthologies in the Eichstätter philosophische Beiträgen.

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