Cultural Philosophy

Major area

The series of publications collected here deal with the concept of culture, focusing in particular on developments in intellectual history and non-European manifestations of (inter-) cultural phenomena.

Kulturphilosophische Studien

Edited by Hans-Ulrich Lessing, Kevin Liggieri

The series primarily presents works within the horizon of the German tradition of cultural philosophy (Herder, Humboldt, Dilthey, Simmel, Cassirer) and in the context of current developments in the humanities, social and natural sciences.

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CONTRASTE. Studies in Japanese-German Cultural Comparative Studies

Published by Teruaki Takahashi, Tilman Borsche

Cultural phenomena and intellectual-historical developments in Japanese and German and possibly other language areas are presented and analysed in this series.

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Worlds of Philosophy

Published by Verlag Karl Alber

Translations, monographs and anthologies on comparative and non-European philosophy are published, as well as studies in which the preconditions of intercultural or transcultural philosophising are elaborated.

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psycho-logik – Jahrbuch für Psychotherapie, Philosophie und Kultur

Edited by Stephan Grätzel, Annette Hilt, Martin Reker, Begründet von Karl Heinz Witte, Rolf Kühn

The Yearbook sees itself as an open forum for discussion of the connections between psychotherapy, psychology and phenomenology with their cultural context, in both scientific and practical terms.

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