Ethics and Practical Philosophy

Major area

In addition to the academic discussion of fundamental moral and ethical issues, this programme area includes current discussions on applied ethics and political philosophy, which it represents in the form of annuals, status reports, outstanding qualification publications and anthologies that are up-to-date in research.

Praktische Philosophie

Edited by Christoph Horn, Axel Hutter, Karl-Heinz Nusser, Bert Heinrichs.

This series provides a platform for the scholarly discussion of moral and ethical issues in individual as well as public and social life.

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Jahrbuch Praktische Philosophie in globaler Perspektive

The Yearbook Practical Philosophy in Global Perspective is a forum for works from the fields of political philosophy, moral philosophy, social philosophy, and philosophy of law, as well as from neighboring disciplines (sociology, psychology, cultural studies, political science, environmental studies, economics, and law) that deal decidedly with global issues or follow on from corresponding problems. The yearbook consists of a general contribution section, in which fundamental work on this topic area is published, and a focus section, which is placed under a new topic each year. This theme is also dealt with in the respective symposia of the research and study project of the Rottendorf Foundation at the Munich School of Philosophy. This project has been dedicated to a philosophically oriented reflection on global issues for over thirty years. Each yearbook also contains an interview with leading representatives of the field, based on the main topic.

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Applied Ethics

Edited by Nikolaus Knoepffler, Peter Kunzmann, Reinhard Merkel, Ingo Pies, Anne Siegetsleitner, Florian Steger

The series deals with questions from the different fields of applied ethics, from medical ethics, bioethics and environmental ethics, from ethics of technology and science and from business ethics.

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Ethik in den Biowissenschaften/Sachstandsbericht des DRZE

Edited by Dieter Sturma, Dirk Lanzerath

It is the task of the German Reference Centre for Ethics in the Life Sciences (DRZE) not only to provide literature, documents and information on developments in modern bioscientific research in detail, but also to prepare them scientifically for interdisciplinary discourse.

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Edited by Matthias Lutz-Bachmann, Andreas Niederberger, Philipp Schink

This series offers trenchant presentations of problems, concepts and themes that are central to contemporary political philosophy and philosophy of law.

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Contributions will be published that both reflect on and illuminate our own tradition of thinking about peace and develop new theoretical and philosophical approaches to peace as a social, political, and ethical category.

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