Interdisciplinary Philosophy

Major area

Philosophy as a professionalised basic reflection is well suited to give impulses to other disciplines in terms of content. In return, however, it is also ready to receive valuable impulses from these disciplines.


Edited by Karl-Heinz Brodbeck, Stephan Grätzel, Bernd Schuppener

Dialogical thinking is already at the beginning of classical occidental philosophy and has been a field of experimentation for various philosophers ever since. The series focuses on conversation, communication and dialogical-dialectical thinking.

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Geist und Geisteswissenschaft

Edited by Hans Joas, Martin Mulsow, Jörg Noller, Thomas Zwenger

The series offers an open forum for monographs, conference proceedings and editions of texts that address questions about the specific subjects, possibilities and limits of the humanities.

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Grenzfragen. Veröffentlichungen des Instituts der Görres-Gesellschaft für interdisziplinäre Forschung

Edited by Gregor Maria Hoff

Central problems of modern life are discussed in the publications of the Institute of the Görres Society for Interdisciplinary Research.

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Literatur und Philosophie

Edited by Jennifer Pavlik und René Torkler

Since its beginnings, philosophy has been concerned with the significance of art and literature for the human interpretation of the self and the world, and to this day, reflection on this relationship forms a central major area of the humanities. This series aims to provide a forum for these negotiations and open up a discussion space in which literature and philosophy can enter into a fruitful dialogue to discuss the full range of their topics and methods from different perspectives.

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Pädagogik und Philosophie

Edited by Verlag Karl Alber

In this series, a wide variety of directions and approaches have their say that deal philosophically with topics in pedagogy or educational science.

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Kultur – Kunst – Therapie. Ideengeschichte und Praxis

Edited by Karl-Heinz Menzen, Ruth Hampe, Manfred Schmidbauer

Artistic therapies have become established in many places in recent decades. The series provides insights into the practice and discusses the intellectual-historical and theoretical background.

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Edited by Oliver Fürbeth, Lydia Goehr, Frank Hentschel, Stefan Lorenz Sorgner

The series publishes monographs and anthologies that reflect the diversity of approaches and directions in philosophy and musicology.

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