Philosophy of History

Major area

In addition to the further development of classical texts of the older Western intellectual history, this programme area concentrates above all on the current academic examination of important authors and figures of thought of the 19th and 20th centuries.

Interpretationen und Quellen

Edited by Holger Zaborowski

In the series, important texts of Western intellectual history are published together with six to eight interpretive essays each, which open up important aspects of the respective text in the context of contemporary scholarly debate.

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Edited by Lore Hühn, Philipp Höfele, Philipp Schwab, Paul Ziche, on behalf of the Internationalen Schelling-Gesellschaft

The international annual Schelling-Studien provides a forum for scholarly work on Schelling’s philosophy and on overarching questions of idealism and its history of impact. It brings together current international contributions to research in German, English, French and Italian.

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Whitehead Studien

Edited by Godehard Brüntrup, Christoph Kann, Franz Riffert

The series “Whitehead Studies” provides a forum for research on the philosophy of A. N. Whitehead and recent process philosophy.

In addition to a focus on publications from the German-speaking world, selected English-language texts can also be part of the series. It is interdisciplinary in nature and deliberately not assigned to any specific interpretive framework.

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