Publication Series and Annuals

Practical Philosophy and Ethics

Praktische Philosophie

Edited by Christoph Horn, Axel Hutter, Karl-Heinz Nusser, Bert Heinrichs.

This series provides a platform for the scholarly discussion of moral and ethical issues in individual as well as public and social life.

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Jahrbuch Praktische Philosophie in globaler Perspektive

The Yearbook Practical Philosophy in Global Perspective is a forum for works from the fields of political philosophy, moral philosophy, social philosophy, and philosophy of law, as well as from neighboring disciplines (sociology, psychology, cultural studies, political science, environmental studies, economics, and law) that deal decidedly with global issues or follow on from corresponding problems. The yearbook consists of a general contribution section, in which fundamental work on this topic area is published, and a focus section, which is placed under a new topic each year. This theme is also dealt with in the respective symposia of the research and study project of the Rottendorf Foundation at the Munich School of Philosophy. This project has been dedicated to a philosophically oriented reflection on global issues for over thirty years. Each yearbook also contains an interview with leading representatives of the field, based on the main topic.

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Applied Ethics

Edited by Nikolaus Knoepffler, Peter Kunzmann, Reinhard Merkel, Ingo Pies, Anne Siegetsleitner, Florian Steger

The series deals with questions from the different fields of applied ethics, from medical ethics, bioethics and environmental ethics, from ethics of technology and science and from business ethics.

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Ethik in den Biowissenschaften/Sachstandsbericht des DRZE

Edited by Dieter Sturma, Dirk Lanzerath

It is the task of the German Reference Centre for Ethics in the Life Sciences (DRZE) not only to provide literature, documents and information on developments in modern bioscientific research in detail, but also to prepare them scientifically for interdisciplinary discourse.

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Edited by Matthias Lutz-Bachmann, Andreas Niederberger, Philipp Schink

This series offers trenchant presentations of problems, concepts and themes that are central to contemporary political philosophy and philosophy of law.

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Contributions will be published that both reflect on and illuminate our own tradition of thinking about peace and develop new theoretical and philosophical approaches to peace as a social, political, and ethical category.

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Jakub Čapek, Sophie Loidolt, Alessandro Salice, Alexander Schnell, Claudia Serban

Untill 2001 edited by Karl-Heinz Lembeck, Ernst Wolfgang Orth und Hans Rainer Sepp. 2006 bis 2021 herausgegeben von Jean-Luc Marion, Marco M. Olivetti and Walter Schweidler.

The editors understand phenomenology as a systematic discipline that provides important impulses in contemporary philosophical debates as well as in other disciplines. Their different approaches can be understood by recourse to a common tradition that has become increasingly differentiated in the constant work on “things themselves”. The “Phenomenology Series” represents this tradition in its entire breadth and theoretical diversity as well as in its current formations and further developments. The languages of the series are German, English and French.

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New Phenomenology

Published by the Society for New Phenomenology, contact: Michael Großheim

The New Phenomenology is concerned with phenomenologically demonstrating “man’s reflection on his finding himself in his environment” (Hermann Schmitz).

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Schriftenreihe der DGAP (German Society for Analytical Psychology)

Edited by Thomas Fuchs, Thiemo Breyer, Boris Wandruszka, Stefano Micali

Phenomenology can be regarded as the basic science of subjective experience. It examines its central structures, especially intentionality, corporeality, temporality and intersubjectivity, in order to arrive at insights into the basic forms of human experience in health and illness. Going beyond the subject/object divide, their attention is focused on the indissoluble connection between subjectivity and experience of the world. For psychiatry, this means that being mentally ill is neither seen as a purely objective event that can be localised in the brain nor attributed to a hidden “inner space” of the psychic. Rather, mental illness manifests itself in experience as well as in bodily appearance and behaviour, in the temporality of life, in relationships to others, in short: in the entire being-in-the-world of the sick person.

The DGAP series presents research contributions in which phenomenological approaches are further developed in anthropology, psychiatry and psychotherapy.

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Eugen Fink Complete Edition

Edited by Annette Hilt, Cathrin Nielsen, Alexander Schnell, Hans Rainer Sepp, Holger Zaborowski

This text-critical edition includes all the works published by Eugen Fink himself as well as the writings of his extensive literary estate, most of which are still unpublished.

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Edited by Alfred Denker, Holger Zaborowski

The yearbook is devoted to the thought and person of Martin Heidegger, one of the most important and controversial philosophers of the 20th century, from various perspectives.

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Seele, Existenz, Leben

This life-phenomenologically oriented series aims to analyse all modes of appearance as they result from the basic affective and cultural constitution of the human being.

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Contemporary Philosophy


Edited by Christoph Halbig, Jörn Müller

Probably the oldest and most well-known edited collection published by Verlag Karl Alber, Symposion offers systematic and historically-based research in the classical tradition of European philosophy.

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Alber Theses

Edited by Verlag Karl Alber

This series focuses on discussions and debates on current international philosophical discourse.

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Alber Philosophy

Edited by Verlag Karl Alber 

A forum for contemporary philosophical thought in all its intricacy: currents of contemporary thought and questions that span across boundaries and borders.

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Fermenta philosophica

Published by Verlag Karl Alber

Philosophical studies and drafts that focus on the character of thought.

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Philosophy narrated

Edited by Verlag Karl Alber

What happens when the protagonists of philosophy venture beyond the confines of their discipline and explore other, often new ways of conveying and presenting philosophical ideas? This series acts as an innovation lab for thought poetry and narrative paradigms and  provides thinkers and storytellers with the space to explore diverse philosophical strains of thought. In so doing, it brings together texts that are stylistically unique, uncommonly entertaining and completely relevant to current discussions.

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Eichstätter Philosophische Studien

Edited by Walter Schweidler, Markus Riedenauer

The Eichstätter Philosophische Studien comprises monographs from pioneering German philosophers and thinkers whose revolutionary ideas have changed the course of philosophy. Dissertations and contributions appear in the Eichstätter Philosophische Beiträge.

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Philosophy of nature and biophilosophy


Edited by Gerald Hartung, Nicole C. Karafyllis, Kristian Köchy, Konrad Ott, Gregor Schiemann

The PHYSIS series offers a new platform for interdisciplinary discourse on nature. The classical fields and protagonists of natural philosophy are addressed as well as current topics and positions on the nature-culture or nature-technology relationship in cultural studies and technoscience. Questions about the right way to deal with nature – both in the sense of a fundamental definition of the position of environmental ethics and in the sense of application-oriented fields of questioning, for example in the sustainability discourse – meet with determinations about the role of philosophical theory of nature in the context of natural science and philosophy of science. Last but not least, the possible topics of the series also include positions on the aesthetics of nature, debates on the opportunities and limits of naturalism, the anthropological search for the nature inside ourselves, or the discussion of nature as a remnant within a comprehensively technologically and industrially shaped civilisation.

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Edited by Reto Luzius Fetz

The series provides a comprehensive platform for diverse approaches to biophilosophy, with a focus on organismic theories of the real (including Bergson, Whitehead)

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Lebenswissenschaften im Dialog

Edited by Kristian Köchy, Stefan Majetschak, Robert Meunier, Francesca Michelini

The series offers a broad and open forum for interdisciplinary dialogue around the life sciences, their developments and findings.

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Philosophy of Religions

Scientia & Religio

Edited by Markus Enders, Bernhard Uhde

Scientific Advisory Board: Peter Antes, Reinhold Bernhardt, Hermann Deuser, Burkhard Gladigow, Klaus Otte, Hubert Seiwert, Reiner Wimmer)

The series has both a scientific and an interdisciplinary character. It is dedicated to the scientific research of concepts of the philosophy of religion and religious manifestations.

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Jahrbuch für Religionsphilosophie

The Jahrbuch für Religionsphilosophie sees itself as a scientific forum for current research contributions in the field of systematic philosophy of religion and systematic philosophical theology. However, it also includes contributions on topics from the history of modern philosophy of religion up to the present as well as from the history of philosophical theology. The yearbook includes academic papers, a review section with book reviews and critical literature reports as well as conference reports.

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falsafa. Horizonte islamischer Religionsphilosophie

Edited by Ahmad Milad Karimi

The monographs and anthologies are dedicated to the basic questions and basic lines of Islamic philosophy of religion from a historical and systematic perspective.

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falsafa. Jahrbuch für islamische Religionsphilosophie

Edited by Ahmad Milad Karimi

falsafa is dedicated in German and English to the field of tension between religion and philosophy from the spirit of Islam and offers a platform to formulate contemporary perspectives on a philosophy of religion in the Islamic context in dialogue with the classical Fala-sifa. Appreciating the historical consideration of Falsafa – Arabic for “philosophy” – the question of how a genuine Islamic philosophy of religion is to be understood methodically and in terms of content in today’s scientific discourse will be systematically pursued here. What is Islamic philosophy? What is Islamic about this philosophy? What is religion in Islam? What is the role of the philosopher in Islamic understanding? And: What is the inner necessity of Islamic philosophy of religion?

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Edited on behalf of the International Rosenzweig Society, by Martin Brasser, Norbert Samuelson, Wolfdietrich Schmied-Kowarzik

The series of publications serves to promote scholarly engagement with the life, work and impact of the Jewish religious and cultural philosopher Franz Rosenzweig.

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Edited by Irene Kajon, Luca Bertolini

The Yearbook provides a forum for scholarly works on the Jewish religious and cultural philosopher Franz Rosenzweig. Internationally positioned, they accompany current research and open up new sources and historical documents.

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Transzendente Erfahrungen – Phänomene und Deutungen

Edited by Heiner Schwenke

Transcendent experiences have often been neglected by research. Their phenomenology, their influence on the history of ideas and the ways of dealing with them are brought up in an interdisciplinary way.

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Cultural philosophy

Kulturphilosophische Studien

Edited by Hans-Ulrich Lessing, Kevin Liggieri

The series primarily presents works within the horizon of the German tradition of cultural philosophy (Herder, Humboldt, Dilthey, Simmel, Cassirer) and in the context of current developments in the humanities, social and natural sciences.

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CONTRASTE. Studies in Japanese-German Cultural Comparative Studies

Published by Teruaki Takahashi, Tilman Borsche

Cultural phenomena and intellectual-historical developments in Japanese and German and possibly other language areas are presented and analysed in this series.

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Worlds of Philosophy

Published by Verlag Karl Alber

Translations, monographs and anthologies on comparative and non-European philosophy are published, as well as studies in which the preconditions of intercultural or transcultural philosophising are elaborated.

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psycho-logik – Jahrbuch für Psychotherapie, Philosophie und Kultur

Edited by Stephan Grätzel, Annette Hilt, Martin Reker, Begründet von Karl Heinz Witte, Rolf Kühn

The Yearbook sees itself as an open forum for discussion of the connections between psychotherapy, psychology and phenomenology with their cultural context, in both scientific and practical terms.

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Interdisciplinary philosophy


Edited by Karl-Heinz Brodbeck, Stephan Grätzel, Bernd Schuppener

Dialogical thinking is already at the beginning of classical occidental philosophy and has been a field of experimentation for various philosophers ever since. The series focuses on conversation, communication and dialogical-dialectical thinking.

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Geist und Geisteswissenschaft

Edited by Hans Joas, Martin Mulsow, Jörg Noller, Thomas Zwenger

The series offers an open forum for monographs, conference proceedings and editions of texts that address questions about the specific subjects, possibilities and limits of the humanities.

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Grenzfragen. Veröffentlichungen des Instituts der Görres-Gesellschaft für interdisziplinäre Forschung

Edited by Gregor Maria Hoff

Central problems of modern life are discussed in the publications of the Institute of the Görres Society for Interdisciplinary Research.

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Literatur und Philosophie

Edited by Jennifer Pavlik und René Torkler

Since its beginnings, philosophy has been concerned with the significance of art and literature for the human interpretation of the self and the world, and to this day, reflection on this relationship forms a central major area of the humanities. This series aims to provide a forum for these negotiations and open up a discussion space in which literature and philosophy can enter into a fruitful dialogue to discuss the full range of their topics and methods from different perspectives.

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Pädagogik und Philosophie

Edited by Verlag Karl Alber

In this series, a wide variety of directions and approaches have their say that deal philosophically with topics in pedagogy or educational science.

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Kultur – Kunst – Therapie. Ideengeschichte und Praxis

Edited by Karl-Heinz Menzen, Ruth Hampe, Manfred Schmidbauer

Artistic therapies have become established in many places in recent decades. The series provides insights into the practice and discusses the intellectual-historical and theoretical background.

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Edited by Oliver Fürbeth, Lydia Goehr, Frank Hentschel, Stefan Lorenz Sorgner

The series publishes monographs and anthologies that reflect the diversity of approaches and directions in philosophy and musicology.

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History of Philosophy

Interpretationen und Quellen

Edited by Holger Zaborowski

In the series, important texts of Western intellectual history are published together with six to eight interpretive essays each, which open up important aspects of the respective text in the context of contemporary scholarly debate.

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Edited by Lore Hühn, Philipp Höfele, Philipp Schwab, Paul Ziche, on behalf of the Internationalen Schelling-Gesellschaft

The international annual Schelling-Studien provides a forum for scholarly work on Schelling’s philosophy and on overarching questions of idealism and its history of impact. It brings together current international contributions to research in German, English, French and Italian.

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Whitehead Studien

Edited by Godehard Brüntrup, Christoph Kann, Franz Riffert

The series “Whitehead Studies” provides a forum for research on the philosophy of A. N. Whitehead and recent process philosophy.

In addition to a focus on publications from the German-speaking world, selected English-language texts can also be part of the series. It is interdisciplinary in nature and deliberately not assigned to any specific interpretive framework.

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