Natural Philosophy and Philosophy of Biology

Major area

The concept of life or nature is articulated and problematised in various ways in three Alber series of publications, with a special focus here on the translation of approaches and discourses into neighbouring disciplines.


Edited by Gerald Hartung, Nicole C. Karafyllis, Kristian Köchy, Konrad Ott, Gregor Schiemann

The PHYSIS series offers a new platform for interdisciplinary discourse on nature. The classical fields and protagonists of natural philosophy are addressed as well as current topics and positions on the nature-culture or nature-technology relationship in cultural studies and technoscience. Questions about the right way to deal with nature – both in the sense of a fundamental definition of the position of environmental ethics and in the sense of application-oriented fields of questioning, for example in the sustainability discourse – meet with determinations about the role of philosophical theory of nature in the context of natural science and philosophy of science. Last but not least, the possible topics of the series also include positions on the aesthetics of nature, debates on the opportunities and limits of naturalism, the anthropological search for the nature inside ourselves, or the discussion of nature as a remnant within a comprehensively technologically and industrially shaped civilisation.

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Edited by Reto Luzius Fetz

The series provides a comprehensive platform for diverse approaches to biophilosophy, with a focus on organismic theories of the real (including Bergson, Whitehead)

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Lebenswissenschaften im Dialog

Edited by Kristian Köchy, Stefan Majetschak, Robert Meunier, Francesca Michelini

The series offers a broad and open forum for interdisciplinary dialogue around the life sciences, their developments and findings.

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